Polls General Election VoteFirefly has always been committed to supporting our employees and communities in voting in all elections. General passive support no longer seems adequate to us. Today, we are proud to announce that we will be enacting new policies to both support the act of voting by our team members, as well as offering tangible support to the process of voting itself.

While we feel that all elections should be paid holidays for every citizen, this is simply not the case today. Thus, we will put our beliefs into action here and now.

To help employees feel confident they have the time, ability and employer support to vote: 

It is estimated that at each election, approximately 40% of the eligible voters do not vote. At Firefly, we want to help improve voter turnout, starting with our employees. To help enable this, all employees will be given a day of paid time off (PTO) for all national, state, and local election days from this day forward.

To help support the need for additional volunteers at polling locations: 

In 2020 it is expected that the November general election will have shortages of polling volunteers in many states and areas. This could cause polling locations to close, causing an additional burden for citizens to cast their ballot. If a Firefly team member chooses to volunteer at a polling location on an election day, Firefly will not only pay that team member’s salary for the day, but will pay the salary at time and a half.

As employers, we are responsible in ensuring work is not the obstacle to fulfilling our responsibilities as citizens. Firefly asks other business owners and decision makers to consider creative options that help your employees fulfill their privilege to vote, too. What solutions have you found that support this community need?

To learn more about how to become a poll worker in your community, access the below information here: https://www.nass.org/can-i-vote/become-a-poll-worker