Security Solutions

You’ve worked really hard to grow your business.

You have spent countless hours and invested countless dollars to ensure your business is on solid ground and is set up for long-term success. And while it’s easy to push to the backburner, you think about the risks to your business and what is at stake. One of those risks includes keeping your systems and data secure. But, you may not have the time or space to explore what all is needed to ensure protection against malware, ransomware, hackers or even risks of your own users’ errors. That’s where we come in.

Security services we provide include:

We serve to shield our clients from potential attacks including monitoring for abnormal activity on your systems.

Firefly MSP provides security solutions to our clients that help to ensure risk is mitigated, your business is secure and you can rest easy. Our services ensure that data is stored offsite. We will audit for multi-factor authentication, provide education to you and your employees about the risks and ways to spot and prevent leaks in your security. Security concerns can be a daunting prospect and our goal is to minimize fear by taking action on tasks that will help protect your business the most.