Industries we serve

Choosing the right IT managed services provider is a critical decision for any business.

When it is time to make that decision, you want to work with a reliable and trusted resource. At Firefly MSP, we see a relationship with your company as a partnership, built on effective communication and timely service from friendly people who are experts in their trade.

While we work with clients across many different industries and can serve any industry’s needs, we have developed core competencies across a few sectors of business. Having someone familiar with your industry, tools you use and needs you have can be helpful for a quick onboarding experience. Below are the sectors that we have extensive experience in managing.

You may wonder if Firefly services your size of business. Firefly serves the needs of many sizes of businesses. We aim to be full-support, partial support, or augmented staff for our clients based on their unique needs. Our clients range from businesses of 250 employees to 2 employees and we maintain the same level and depth of service, regardless of the size of the company. Generally, if you have more than 250 employees, you likely have your own staff managing your IT needs but we can also help in those situations to provide escalation or supplement for specific projects or needs. You will find that Firefly is responsive and will grow with your needs spanning company size and industry.

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Architecture, engineering, and construction firms face unique IT challenges that Firefly is an expert at solving. Firefly has worked with our AEC clients for years and understands the unique software and network needs that your business has.

As a business grows, the experience of outgrowing any internal resource who “knows computers” is both a common and likely evolution. Firefly’s turnkey IT solutions offer best-in-class service paired with a manageable budget. For firms that have had their IT services solely managed internally, new cloud-based solutions can offer you the latest technology and support without having to maintain the hardware or staff internally

Every business is unique but we’ve worked with more businesses in your industry than any other. Let’s connect today to find solutions for your technology needs.


Having an effective technology for your restaurant, bar, or cafe is crucial for your success. These types of establishments face specific IT issues like:

      1. Sustainable and manageable WiFi coverage
        • Do you know that your public-facing WiFi isn’t compromising your PCI compliance?
        • Can your network support all the traffic that might be visiting your locations?
        • Will a customer’s WiFi experience leave them with a positive impression of your business?
      2. Connectivity to the internet
        • Network hardware that supports your operations and payment processing is essential to your operations and client experiences.
      3. Reliable email
        • The ability to have reliable email communication with vendors, employees, and patrons, critical to your establishment’s operations..
      4. For each of these situations and more, Firefly works as your technology partner ensuring your business is running smoothly so that your customers have a great experience.  Let’s chat today!

Tight deadlines, court appearances, and managing the daily needs of your firm and your clients are your top concern. You need technology that supports you wherever you are, whether in client meetings, depositions, court appearances, or new business meetings. Without a comprehensive technology solution, deadlines can be missed, billable hours decline and clients may find more technologically stable firms to use for their legal needs. At Firefly, we approach the technology of a law practice as mission critical: it stores and conveys client information and it must work when a person at the firm needs it.

Firefly can help craft a technology solution that will support your email and digital communications systems, as well as provide testing for employees to see if there are weaknesses in the organization that could leave you vulnerable to an attack.

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Providing reliable service is paramount for professional service providers. No matter how good your work is, it may be viewed with skepticism if a client’s technological interaction with your firm isn’t flawless.

At Firefly, we provide accountants and professional service providers the tools to help communicate effectively and efficiently. From effective network managing, securing internal file systems, and managing emails and digital communications, we handle what would otherwise be a heavy task for most firms.

In addition to supporting your accounting firm or professional services organization with technology support when an issue arises, Firefly also proactively works to secure your business. With client data at your fingertips, ensuring access to that data is locked down is another way Firefly can help. Mitigating risk against cyber attacks can be critical in securing the business you’ve worked hard to build. We’d love to chat to see how we can best support you!

Often in a nonprofit organization, you’re asked to wear many hats from fundraising to operations to finance. With technology, it can become a quick derailing of a day if you don’t have support to help prepare and get you through those challenges. 

Firefly has become an expert over the years in helping nonprofits with their unique needs related to technology and we not only work to help our nonprofit clients through those pop-up challenges but we also create proactive strategies to keep the pop-up distractions to a minimum. Keeping donor records and accounting records secure is dependent on reliable technology and network solutions for your organization. Firefly can help create a solution for your nonprofit to turn a headache into a well-oiled machine.

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