Firefly MSP Certified as a Great Place to Work

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We are excited to share that Firefly MSP has been certified as a Great Place to Work for the August 2021 – August 2022 time frame. We always knew Firefly is a great place to work but having an external party discover the same findings is validating. 

When we learned of the opportunity to be named as a Certified Great Place to Work, we explored the possibility for a couple of reasons. First, the process of becoming certified provides data and a way to gather information from our employees about not only what they enjoy about working at Firefly but also the areas where we can grow and improve. Having a mechanism to collect, display and identify these areas is proving to be a valuable tool. Coupled with open communication, we can continue to bring benefits that employees value. 

Secondly, in a competitive employment market with a company that is growing leaps and bounds, we wanted a way to let prospective employees know what we already do; Firefly is a Great Place to Work. Being recognized from a third party helps bring credibility to our statement of this company culture and allows us to communicate their findings in a new way. 

Lastly, we know that having a strong company culture will produce longer tenured employees. Happy employees stay longer at their companies. When a happy, loyal employee remains at an organization, we have less turnover and can continue to ensure high quality customer service. This benefits not only our employees, but our current and future clients too. 

It was a win-win to participate in this certification process and ultimately be certified as a Great Place to Work. Thank you to our employees who make Firefly an awesome place to work every day!

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Adam Jones