Developing The Right Startup Tech Mentality

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As a startup entrepreneur, you know that technology is important to your success. You need the right tools and mentality to make your business thrive. But what are the key facets of a tech mindset that you should focus on? This blog post will help you develop the right tech mentality for your startup. Your mindset and approach are just as important as the technology you’re using, so here are a few tips for developing the right tech mentality for your startup especially thinking of scalability, security, and adaptability for your future growth.

When you’re just getting started on your business, it’s easy to go with the flow to just get started. However, as with many functions of a business, having a plan can be very beneficial and technology is no different. Developing the right tech mentality for your startup is the first step of crafting that plan. Remember you’re planning for growth, not just for today’s needs. While you may only have yourself or one or two employees now, you plan on growing and your business can look very different in 1 or 5 years and beyond. Starting with the right mentality and approach now can help pave the way for scalable and calculated growth in the future. What works for having one employee won’t work as you add 5 or 10 or more employees but if thoughtfully executed, the systems you put in place now can eliminate the need to rebuild your technology approach all over at that point in time.

In addition to planning systems within your own capacity, one way to expedite your learning and propel your tech capabilities is to engage a tech partner like Firefly to scale your systems quickly. Having a partner with access to additional tools and knowledge can quickly and exponentially expand your capabilities instantly. Not only will a partner have access to monitoring tools and software that wouldn’t be cost-effective for an individual startup, but the knowledge they have across industries related to technology advances and practices can also launch you to faster success. 

A major factor in developing a tech mindset for startups should certainly be security. With consumers and businesses alike being more susceptible to security threats than ever, it’s imperative to consider how you will mitigate your risk now and as you grow. The key piece to remember is that what is a best practice today may not be a best practice tomorrow or certainly not enough. For example, while it’s very important to have multi-factor authentication (MFA) included on every piece of software that includes it today, this can’t be the only thing you do. Security is not a set-it-and-forget-it exercise. 

In addition, as you consider how to secure your business, start by thinking conservatively. Firefly believes in the zero trust model of ensuring that not one person in the business has access to everything in the business, but rather only the access that they need to do their job effectively. This mentality helps isolate components of the business to various employees rather than full exposure to everyone. This is a much easier mentality to start with from day one in your business rather than trying to retrofit after all employees have been given access initially. More information on the zero trust model can be found here.


Lastly, adaptability will be critical in developing a tech mentality for your startup. Technology will be one of the fastest-changing arms of your business, no matter what industry you may work in. Starting off with a mentality of being open to change related to software, systems, and security practices will allow you to grow, adapt and stay relevant for your consumers. By starting out flexible in your methods but clear on your goals, your business can evolve consistently. Developing a culture of consistently evaluating new ways of doing things will benefit your growth and mitigate your risk. 


One way to remain adaptable and abreast of new ways to utilize technology for business growth and minimal risk is to either employ a part-time person or outsource support with a company like Firefly. Having some amount of dedicated resources devoted to technology advances will ensure risks are being assessed and top of mind, as well as new advances for the business, are evaluated. As with many startups, growth can happen quickly, and having this person or group engaged early on will help you to focus on your business while you’re assured that this arm is not forgotten. At a minimum, these findings should be discussed and acted upon quarterly but ideally more frequently than this. Keep in mind that this resource goes beyond day-to-day support but rather is a proactive strategist on evaluating the technology advances and risks for the business. They should have an understanding of not only technology but also your business needs. 


In thinking about how you want to develop your own tech mentality for your startup, don’t forget to plan for what happens when things don’t go as expected. Remember to prepare for the Plan B’s with contingencies in place. This is also a living and breathing plan that would adapt as time progresses but with a plan in place you can be assured that you will be more prepared for what can happen and likely better able to handle those emergencies. 

So, as a startup entrepreneur, what should your technology mentality be? Three things to think about when it comes to technology and your business are scalability – can your technology plan grow with the company? Secondly, security is critical – make sure you have measures in place to protect yourself and your customers. And finally, adaptability is essential – stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies so you can continue to offer value to your clients and protect what you’ve grown. If you’re looking for help getting started, let us know. Firefly has years of experience working with startups and we’d love to share our knowledge with you.

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Adam Jones