Devastating Impacts of Cybercrime and How to Minimize Risk

Protect against cyberattackRecently, Firefly MSP hosted a webinar with Firefly CEO Adam Jones and Joseph Brunsman, VP and CCO of Chesapeake Professional Liability Brokers. The two discussed a recent story of cybercrime in Kansas City that caused significant financial consequences. They also discussed the ways and steps that companies can take to mitigate their risk. 

If you missed the full webinar, you can find it here: but this infographic highlights the key steps discussed in the webinar.

Firefly works with companies to identify the areas where companies can strengthen their security and are actively working with their clients to ensure the greatest protection possible. There can be devastating impacts of cybercrime and it’s important to minimize risk. If you haven’t thought much about security, now is the time to take action. Unfortunately, no business is exempt from being a target for cybercrime but there are ways to help lower the risk.

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Adam Jones